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Peace of mind while you travel

I live in my clients’ homes in Europe while they are away to lovingly care for their pets, provide a steady presence in their home to deter burglary, and keep their plants alive and well. I don’t charge for my services – all I require is a place to sleep, a bathroom, a kitchen to prepare meals, and reliable internet access to conduct my work. I prioritize the well-being of your pets and enjoy giving them as much love as they want in your absence. Daily updates will keep your peace of mind. Upon your return, you will find your pets and your house in the same (or better) condition as when you left. My goal is always exceptionally satisfied customers who want to hire me again!



A lifelong animal lover and pet owner, I've enjoyed my pet cats, dogs, rats, bunnies, gerbils, hamsters and fish. I'd be honored to care for yours while you're away. You'll get my reports on their well-being and pictures daily. I've hired many pet sitters myself and I know what it takes to relax on a trip away -- this is the high-quality service I aim to give my clients.



You need someone you can trust implicitly to care for your home in your absence so you can truly enjoy your time away. I'm identity-verified, background-checked and insured through I've owned and cared meticulously for my own beautiful homes in California, Florida and Pennsylvania. I've also been a beloved guest in dozens of Airbnbs in the US and UK. (See Endorsements page) My aim is always to leave your property as good or better than when you departed on your trip.

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