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Hello! I'm Amy Logan from San Francisco, California. I'm passionate about exploring the world (50 countries so far) and, as my son is all grown up now, I'm off on a grand adventure to travel Europe long-term as a home and pet sitter!

I deeply value cross-cultural exchange and have been an intrepid traveler all my life. My family lived in Brazil and Argentina for a year when I was five. I lived with host families in high school in French Canada and Switzerland and hosted a Finnish student my senior year. I housesat in Sydney, Australia in my early twenties, then was invited to visit Aborigines in Arnhemland by special permission as I traveled by myself 10,000 miles around Australia. I stayed in the homes of Israelis, Druze and Palestinians in Israel while researching a book I wrote. I've gazed at the full moon lying on a banana leaf in the Ecuadorean Amazon while visiting a jungle village. I have hosted dozens of travelers from all over the world in my home. I am confident traveling everywhere I go, figuring out how to communicate even when I don't know the language. 

Professionally, I'm a seasoned, self-employed executive coach working virtually with venture-backed startup founders (mostly in tech), corporate leaders and teams. I support them to be both more successful at work as well as more fulfilled in life. I make my own hours and can work from anywhere there is stable WiFi -- and I always bring my own back-up, just in case. 

When I travel, I enjoy learning about the​ old legends, myths and folklore of the region, exploring nature by hiking, backpacking, kayaking and SUP, learning a local jig, experiencing art of all kinds, visiting old churches, listening to live music, eating the cuisine and especially meeting the locals and their animals!

I look forward to meeting you and yours!

***As a premium member of, I'm identity-verified, background-checked and insured.***

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